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Let me tell you a little story. One upon a time I was a young bride married to an older man. He was good to me, at first, and we always seemed to have a pretty good sex life. Then one day I found out he was cheating on me with a slut who worked at his office (he's a banker). What to do? At first I felt so betrayed I cried myself to sleep every night and generally felt lost - but then I met a woman online who specialized in female domination and she opened me up to the world of cuckold cheating. I could take my choice of lovers and force my husband to watch! I could get my revenge on the bastard by cuckolding him and even feminizing him into a sissy male maid or worse!

It changed my life forever and now I'm happily married - to the same man, but things are VERY different. All my girlfriends have been peppering me with questions and are desperately curious to know my "little" secret.....SO

How do I and other cheating wives accomplish this? Below are some articles about how to cuckold your husband and the fun you can have doing it!

Slut Wife - Is she a slut just because she takes a string of better lovers and flaunts them?
Husband Humiliation - There's many ways for a cheating wife to humiliate and sexually embarrass her husbandl
Sissy Feminization Training - Is your man a pain in the ass? Make him into a obedient sissy bitchl
Feminized Male Maid - Hate housework? Make your husband do the chores while dressed as a sweet little feminine maidl
Forced Womanhood - Has he got a feminine side? Then force him to get in touch with it - and suck cockl
Amateur Cuckolding - Everyday regular wives and girlfriends are cheating and expertly cuckolding their menl
Cuckold Wife Phone Sex Service - Married women into cheating and making men masturbate to it over the phonel
Cuckold Cheating Wife Tips - Some pointers on keeping your man down and keeping him there!

If you're interested in more cheating info or just want to look at some XXX cuckold erotica (which, believe it or not many married women like me do), I invite you to read and learn from our pages, links and articles. And for all my female readers - remember girls, if he won't behave, there ARE ways to make his life HELL in the bedroom! LOL! - Vina.

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