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It's no surprise that many married men fear the day they catch their wives cheating, but what IS surprising is that so many that do end up as the humiliated partner! Being forced to watch your wife cheat is one thing, but being forced to don female clothing and become a sissy bitch is quite another! Sissification and feminization is what awaits these poor cuckolded husbands at the hands of their unfaithful wives - and we love it, don't we girls?!
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"Pink Will Look Good On You!"

Picking Out My Husbands Dress!

After I made it clear to Brian that his manhood was now "womanhood", and he was from hence forth to consider himself a feminized husband, I must admit I have had the greatest time picking out his clothes. Pretty skirts, frilly tops, matching bra and panties, silky stockings, it's been a shopping addict's dream come true! of course he was a bit of a pain at first, always moaning and going on about being cuckolded and embarrassed like this, but it's the cost of being married to a cheating wife, LOL! My mother did it to my father and now I'm carrying on the grand family tradition!

Spanked For No Panties!

I have to keep explaining to my sissy husband that a lady always wears panties, but the little slut just won't listen! Many are the times I have come into the kitchen while I'm having dinner with my lover Andre and found my husband sashaying around in a short skirt, pantyhose and no underwear. It's gotten so bad, that frequently I have to lift his skirt and check! And sometimes when we're out in public, and I find he's disobeyed me once again, I put him over my lap and spank him right there and then! He knows the rules, but I guess I'm going to have to get out my strapon and fuck him a few MORE times to complete his sissification training.
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"You're Such A Shameless Slut!"

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"Now Suck The Head Slowly!"

Husband Trained To Suck Cock!

Part of my husband's forced womanhood sissification training is devoted to the art of sucking cock. Now that he is my little sissy bitch, I want him to be able to satisfy my lovers and friends orally upon command. And ALL punk bitches need to know how to suck cock, right? I mean, it would greatly embarrass me if I took him to a party or gay bar and he wasn't able to get the men there off in a deep and satisfying way! I wouldn't stand for it! So it's once a day, cock in the mouth feminization at our household!

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Husband Sissification And Feminization Inflicted By Cheating Wives!

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