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They say there is nothing worse than a woman scorned, and these dominant cheating wives sure know more than a few tricks to inflict some husband humiliation on their suffering mates. Either by forcing them to watch their adulteries, using a strapon on their asses or turning them into obedient sissies, these ladies show no mercy and know no shame!
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"You're Going To Suck His Cock Next!"

Cuckolded And Humiliated!

Dave thought when I told him I wanted to date other men I was kidding. But he sure got the idea when I brought Dan home and made him watch me service his beautiful big cock! You should of seen the look on his face when I told him he now had "clean up" duty after we were done fucking. LOL! I was going to force him to lick the creampie from my butt! Talk about humiliated, poor Dave started blubbering and crying so hard I had to tell him I was only fooling with him - I said I was only going to make him SUCK Dan off while I videoed it and showed it to his friends! Then the tears REALLY started falling!

I Fucked His Ass!

I was through listening to my husband tell his business associates that I was not good at handling the books (we work in an office together down town). So one day I just couldn't take his snide remarks any longer, but I waited till we got back to our loft apartment before I did anything. But as soon as we got in the door, I grabbed my strapon (I bought it off the internet), threw my husband to his knees, pulled down his trousers and underwear, then proceeded to fuck his virgin asshole good and hard! You should of heard him begging and pleading for me to stop, but I just kept banging away. Let's see how HE likes to be humiliated when I tell all the girls at work tomorrow what I did!
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"Squeal You Little Bitch!"

husband humiliation picture
"He's Such A Good Sissy"

Sissy Trained And Very Obedient!

After a few arguments about who was going to wear the cock in the house, my husband Gary is now quite the sweet and obedient little sissy. It took a bit of hard humiliation to get him to accept that he was now a submissive slut to his own wife, but he's quite content with his feminine position. I can even order him to buckle on my strap on and bend over right in front of all my party guests for a good fucking! What a dear, what some men would consider impossible sexual humiliation is now this cuck's favorite past time!

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Panty Humiliation For Husbands!

Cheating Wives Find Different Ways To Humiliate Their Husbands!

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