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When married women get tired of being left home and ignored, many turn to thoughts of revenge. Now we all know that one of the most deliciously humiliating and embarrassing ways to make your husband suffer is to cuckold him, but there is something even MORE shameful a cheating wife can inflict - turning him into a sweet sissy!
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"Next Comes The Bra And Skirt!"

Sissy Feminization Training Step One!

I find the first step in training your husband to be a good obedient sissy is to get him into a pair of stockings, heels and frilly panties. Make him walk around the house that way, answer the door when your lover comes over, serve drinks, etc. He needs to get use to the fact is now feminized and being prepared for his new role as your strapon butt boy and cuckold creampie eater! LOL! The poor little man whore, what ever did he think was going to happen when he married a bitch like me?!

Panties For The Princess!

Jim thought I was just joking when I told him I intended to feminize him and train him as my sweet sissy bitch. I soon disabused him of that notion by ordering him to put on my panties and sheer top, then come into the living room to meet my new black lover! I also informed him that he was going to offer his cherry ass up to any man I brought home too. He begged and begged me not to shame him so, but I told him that I was planning all black gang bang next week, so better stop crying and get that asshole loosened up, it's going to get a HELL of a work out!
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"Ready To Wear Your Sissy Panties?"

sissy feminization training picture
"I Want That Ass NOW!"

Ass Training A Sissy Husband!

How do you "ass train" a sissy husband? By ordering him to bend over and ass banging him with a strapon EVERY night! Trust me, ladies, a feminized husband is such a delight to bugger and humiliate when ever the mood takes you. I often send him text messages while I'm at work telling him to make sure he's in his most feminine clothes and ready to be mounted when I get home. He might cry and plead for a night off, but I make the money in the household, so I wear the cock! It's THAT simple!

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